October 9th, 2013 (week 4)

Boa Tarde!

So this week hasn’t been too eventful but I did have some pretty cool experiences. I’m starting to get really nervous about leaving the CTM. I feel ready but not ready. I don’t really know how to explain it.On Thursday we got to go street contacting in downtown Sao Paulo. It was so amazing! So on the forth week they take you out into the city and get to learn how to give out BOM (Book of Mormon). One of our insturctors takes us on the bus and we ride for like 40 mins downtown. I was really nervous because I don’t feel like my conversational Portugues is very good but I was still super excited to go. So anyways we get on the bus and head to the back. There weren’t very many people so I ended up sitting by myself at first. My companion sat next to this girl that was about our age but she wasn’t very chatty. Eventually the girl behind my companion started talking to her and I sort of joined in the conversation. As we got closer to downtown the bus got more crowded but no one was sitting beside me. It was sort of disheartening. Finally this lady ended up sitting next to me. you’d be so proud! I just started talking to her. It was pretty cool! My Portuguese was horrible but we got along enough that we had a whole conversation. I felt pretty good after this. When we got downtown none of us really knew what to do so our instructor gave away a BOM first to show us. He made it look soo easy! It took us a while to get some one to stop and talk to us but we did eventually. Turns out most of the people that we stopped spoke at least a little bit if English. It was great haha. On the way back  S. Hicken and I sang hinos on the bus. It was pretty cool. I hope I brightened someones day as they were heading home from work. This whole experience made me really excited to get out in the field and start helping people that need to here what I have to say.

We got a new girl from Provo this week I don’t know if i said that in my last email. Turns out though that we are related through the Wildes. Nerida Wilde is her mom and Ingrids first cousin. Isn’t that crazy!! I’m not sure exactly how that relates to us so maybe you can fill me in. But it was still really exciting.

So my other cool experience. Everyone is sick around here. I guess thats what happens when there are a bunch of people confined to one building. I started getting sick earlier this week which I really didn’t want to happen because I only have 2 weeks left and I don’t want to be bogged down and tired, so I asked one of my elder friends to give me a blessing so I could get better quickly. The blessing was beautiful! It was exactly what I needed to hear. It had nothing to do with my sickness but how I was feeling spiritually. It always amazes me with these types of things and how much the Heavenly Father really does know us and what we need. Sickness wise I’ve gotten worse but I just keeping thinking it might have been so much worse without that blessing. I’m so glad that I have the priesthood in my life.

Speaking of priesthood… General Conference was amazing!!! I wish that I would have appreciated it more when I was younger. It is now my favorite time of the year!! I wish that it went on longer than just the weekend. I seriously can’t get enough! I really like Uchtdorf and Holland’s talks. I can’t really think about specifics right now.

I went to the temple today and realized something. We must be so amazingly special and chosen specifically for this time. We are the strongest of the strongest. We were literally chosen for this life we have. It gives me so much courage to do hard things because if heavenly Father knows I can then why can’t I?

Blake– YYEAAAHHH times infinity!! I sooo excited that you got your visa!! I was thinking about you at the temple today and how much I wished you were here. You are amazing and will do wonders here. Just believe in the calling the Lord has given you. He knows you and wants to help! As excited as I am for you, it must be really hard to leave the people in Atlanta. I can’t imagine leaving the Brazilian people and I haven’t even taught them yet. Love you! I hope I get to see you! I’m at the temple on Wednesday morning. love you

Amber–thanks for writing. I’m glad you’re having fun!! Tell me all about your adventures.

Emily–I hope you and Carter feel better! That picture made my day! haha love you!

All my Love,
Sister Lawrence


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