November 11, 2013 (week 9)

IMG_0408[1]my p-day activity

IMG_0317[1]my favorite travessa

IMG_0412[1] baptism of the Elders, we committed her to baptism though

Oi, Boa Tarde!!
This week has been crazy busy.. oh my goodness. So I have so much going through my head right hopefully this makes sense. 🙂

I went on splits this week with Sister Smith. Her and sister Santana show up at our house last Monday. Turns out we were doing splits from Monday night to Wednesday morning not Wednesday to Thurs like we had thought. I was really excited, which I felt a little bad about. It was funny because they came over and there was all this confusion about why there were there. When we finally got it figured out I quickly packed and we left. It was awesome. I finally had the chance to talk to someone in English and not feel guilty about it haha. The next day I decided to do my personal study in English so I could get something out if it and actually be able to talk about it. I decided to study the power of the Holy Ghost in Conversion. It was exactly what I needed. I read in 2 nephi where Nephi is talking to his family about the guilt he feels about not always feeling grateful. He talked about letting his enemy get the most of him but he realizes we just need to give it all over to the Lord and He will release us from our enemy. As I was reading this I was thinking of Portuguese being my enemy. I can’t worry about not being able to speak perfect. I can’t let Portuguese stop my progress. As long as I teach with the spirit the Holy Ghost will do His part. I need to trust in my abilities and the fact the Lord makes up where I lack.

We taught 2 teenagers. During our lesson with Roberta (it was more of a question and answer) she was asking about dress standards or something. I couldnt really understand but I felt prompted to bear my testimony about how we are daughters of a king and he gives up standards because he loves us. The spirit was really strong. After the lesson S. Smith told me that Roberta had just asked a question S. Smith didn’t know the answer and my testimony was perfectly timed. Man, I love the spirit!

We also had some funny experiences. The first funny thing was while we were contacting we stopped this guy and invited him to church then he proceeded to tell us all about his daughter and something about her getting beat (we couldnt understand), he asked us if we like white beans, talked about pizza, calls us angels and stars, then pulls out his guitar and starts singing to us about God. It was the weirdest contact I’ve had yet. The whole time i didn’t know if he wanted to kill us or marry us. The second funny thing was while we were standing by the road a bus drove by and splashed us. We got soaked! It was something that only happens in movies.

I had another cool experience the other day. I was in a lesson with Irene and Sister Vilanova. During the chat I wasn’t really trying to understand or pay attention. I was extremely tired and the lesson kept going off on tangents. I started to feel sorry for myself that I couldn’t understand but then this thought came to me. Although I know this already, idk, I guess I just thought of it in a new light this time. My thought: If life were simple and easy with no contradiction everyone would do the right because it would be the obvious choice which means there wouldn’t really be agency. Therefore, life needs to be difficult so we are in situations where we have to decide if we are going to follow Christ or not.  Idk, it just makes sense. Everything in this life is a choice.

I have other stories i want to tell but i can’t think of them all right now.

Also, i love Açai! It is the best.

Also, i have wicked tan lines already.

Sister Lawrence


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