November 4, 2013 (week 8)


I’m doing a lot better this week. My comprehension has gotten better and my speaking has as well. I’m still not  close to where I want to be but its nice to finally see progress. 

So i don’t read emails before I write this. If you have any important questions or comments please bold them so I know to read before I write. I just take pictures and read later.

This week weve had a lot of new investigators but having a hard time getting people to want a second lesson or more. It’s been frustrating because we feel like we are doing all that we can. This is missionary life though haha.. full of rejection.

One lady that we are teaching, Irene, is interesting. We have super spiritual lessons and then at the end she doesnt want to do anything about it. We are working with her on this and the importance to be baptized.

We had cool experience the other night we were tracting and needed 3 more men but only had 5 mins before we had to go home. They were no where to be found so I said a prayer and with in 2 minutes we ran into 3 guys. It’s amazing how the Lord helps us out in these little ways. Even the smallest things matter to him because they matter to us.

I’m going on splits this week with S. Smith. Shes an American thats been here for 7 months. I’m excited to be with a companion that can understand me when I don’t know how to say it in Portuguese.

I don’t feel like there is much to report on this week. We just had a lot of lessons on the first vision but no one that has seemed to latch on and really want the gospel. We’ve got great elders in our district. I’m in the district with the secretaries so thats fun. We get to see them everyday for almoço (lunch). We eat at members house for lunch instead of dinner.

The people here are all extremely nice. For how dirty it is here the people for the most part are really clean. They all have their nails done which i thought was interesting. I’m also suprised at how often they are all home in the middle of the day. For how little these people have they are for the most part really happy with their way of life.

We eat a lot of beans and rice. And there is always at least 2 kinds of meat at every meal. The fruit here is amazing. I have never loved water so much. You don’t realize how great it is until its limited. We can’t drink out of the tap or anything. Also, we don’t have any hot water in our house so it’s cold showeers all the time. Luckily we do have a shower though.. sort of haha. I’ll have to send you photos next week.

I havent had to deal with many bugs or animals which has been nice.

Happy Birthday DAD!!

Happy Halloween!


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