October 16, 2013 (week 5)

IMG_0217[1]Hi.I only have 15 mins to write because I had to do a bunch of other stuff to do today and we can’t write after 5. But anyways. this week some of my really good sister missionary friends left and it was really hard to say goodbye. I’ve also made pretty good friends with some of the other American missionaries. Its not as hard to say good bye to them because I know I can see them again but everyone else I don’t know. Today in the temple I was sitting with my companion and it was really sad. I feel like weve gotten to be sisters. I’m really going to miss her!

I’m super excited and nervous for the field next week. I’ll write more and send you pictures (there will hopefully be ton!!) I’m nervous about the language. I feel mixed about having a native companion or not. It’s more conversational Portuguese, idk, but I guess I just need to trust in the Lord that he’ll help me teach his gospel to his children. I can’t wait to finally get to Natal and start living and teaching among these people I already love! It’s going to be such an amazing experience. I can’t wait!

I hope you guys are enjoying Florida, I can’t wait to hear about it.

I didn’t get to see blake today and I was really disappointed. I guess I’ll have to just write him.

Love you guys!!

Sis Lawrence


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