October 2, 2013 (week 3)

Madison at the Sao Paulo temple
Oi! Boa Tarde!This was been an interesting week. I feel like it has been full of goodbyes, which have actually been really hard to deal with. One of our instructors got married on Saturday so he hasn’t been here since Friday. We are all super excited for him but its been hard to have other instructors trying to teach us because a lot of the time the have no idea what we need and so they end up rambling on about nothing or teaching us grammar stuff we already know. This is fine but sometimes I feel like I’d learn more if I just did personal study. One awesome experience I had though was just what i needed. We had a sub instructor teaching us and we were suppose to do a practice lesson wiht him. He had left the room to let us plan for it. A bit later a different instructor came in and started talking to us. He read us a scripture and bore his testimony about our calling as missionaries, the showed us a video about how the atonement relates to missionary work. It was exactly what I needed and was just another way the Lord has shown that He is looking out for me and my needs.I feel like I’ve been having a lot of emotional ups and downs since I’ve been here but I guess that comes with being a missionary and I know that its not going to be easy.  In this video that we watched Elder Holland talked about how a mission needs to be hard so that we can in little part understand the journey that Christ went through as the worlds only perfect missionary. It was one of those messages that just really hits home. ya know?

We are getting a new girl added to our district today which means that our trio is going to be split. We found out a few days ago and since I’ve been preping my self to be the one that gets split off. I knew that this would mean I’d have to step up and be the senior comp and really have to work hard with the language because missionaries from Provo are usually behind missionaries here. It’s been pretty hard on me.  I really like both my comps. Not that really that much would change. So we found earlier today that it is S. Hicken that is getting split off. This makes me sad as she. It will be a really good experience for me to continue to work with S Cameron though. I still have a lot to learn from her. As well as our mutual lack of language skills (she’s just a bit better than me). I hope there isn’t to much of a learning curve with the split but I guess that comes down to how much I let it affect me.

This has been a lot harder then I ever imagined it would be. I have learned so much and continue to grow and stretch every day.

Love you all!
Sister Lawrence

Blake, I think about you all the time. I wish so much that you were here with me. I know you’d love Sao Paulo. You are doing amazing things in Atlanta, they need your strength and testimony.
Mom, are you doing mission ties? have fun in Florida! send me pictures!!
Dad, i love your letters thanks for the advice!
Grandma & Grandpa, I love hearing about your missionary experiences!! That is awesome that you are able to care for those people Heavenly Father has put in your path.
Jan, I pray for you often! I hope it all works out.Emily, I’m glad everything is going well!! Love you!

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