October 23, 2013 (week 6) 1st day in the field!

(sketch that Madison did)


Yesterday was a whirlwind of emotinos. It was my first day in the field. I had so much emotion running though me..still do. I also only got 2 hours of sleep the night before which doesn’t help.So my last week at the CTM was a lot harder than I thoguht it would be. I made some life long friends that I will remember forever.

Sister cameron and I became really close. We’ve made really good friends with some of the Elders. The ones I’ve become really good friends with are Elder Kennedy, Fletcher, Cheathum and Wood. They are extremely funny and have made my stay here muito bom.

Back to Sister Cameron.. It was muito hard to leave her. I didn’t expect to get so attached so quickly. I seriously cried a ton!! She is a sister to me. I think what made it extra hard is I probably won’t see her again because she lives in Australia. I know I will grow to love my other companions as well, it will just take time.

Yesterday was so overwhelming. Lots of emotions, little sleep and heaps of Portuguese. My brain hurts so bad from the concentation it takes to only understand about 3/4 of what is being said. I never get a break either because everyone is either hispanic or brazilian and don’t know english. I think we are getting another American though which will make me feel better I think. My companion doesn’t know English. I feel like its going to be difficult at first because I only understand some of what she says to me. I want the language really bad so I can get to know these people and show them who I really am, not just some silly Americano that they have to drag around. I feel more like a chore around the sisters than one of them. I understand its going to take a lot of time and patience before things get better.

In my interview with Pres. Soares he said something that really stuck out to me. He said I will one day look at my son and tell him his mother did the best she could on her mission. I want this to be true. I’m excited to finally be here and begin this work  I’ve been preparing for. I just hope I can be the missionary the Lord is proud of.

I got to experience my first baptism aready. It was amazing. I wish I wasn’t as tired as I was so I could have enjoyed it more. We had been to Pres. Soares home for dinner and had just come back to the mission home. My companion was already at the baptism so I wasn’t expecting to get to go as I was brought in. I went to just go sit at the back as I got called up to sit with the other missionaries. Just after sitting down I was asked by the memeber conducting to give the talk on faith and bear my testimony. I accepted. It was so nerve racking. I couldn’t believe I was actually talking on my first day in the field. It went okay. I’m just proud I did it. After they had a birthday party for one of the sisters. I wasn’t being social at all. I was SOO tired. I felt bad for not being more outgoing but i don’t think i could have if I tried. I was litterally running on nothing at this point. After the baptism we walked back to the house where some of the sisters live. I was all ready to just drop into bed but my stuff hadn’t been brought over. I was trying so hard not to cry. One more thing on top of this already overwhelming day. Luckily some of the Elders were realy nice and went and got them  or me. I was so grateful.

This experience is definitely going to be different than anything I’ve expierenced before. I for sure won’t be able to do it without the Lords help. Tonight we teach 4 lessons.. Wish me luck! haha


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