October 28, 2013 (week 7)

Dear familia,I’m really stuggling with the language.  I didn’t realize exactly how hard this would be. I feel like nothing is going right sometimes.As far as investigators we have 2 that are committed to baptism. The frist is Bruno. He is 18 and awesome. Everthing w’ve taught him he just soaks up. It was awesome to see the joy and excitment on his face when we told him that Christ came to the Americas. He also came to churh with us  this week and really seemed to enjoy it. I hope his testimony continues to grow and grow. Our other ivestigator is an older lady named Eliane. We taught her the restoration and committed her to be batised (1st person I actually asked). She said yes but we haven’t taught her yet since so hopefully she continues to be receptive. Other than that we have about 20 investigators we are working with. So the actually teaeching work is going great. It’s the language and companion i’m struggling with.I feel like I’m moving backwards with the language. I hardly understnad anything and when I try and speak Portuguese no one understands me. I try so hard to understand but it all sounds like gibberish to me. On top of it my companion is really frustrated with me. I finally understand what it feels like to be 2 again and try to communicate. She refuses to learn English which makes it really hard because she has no idea what I’m trying  to say or how to help me. She treats me like a lttle child sometimes or either has me do something when I have no idea what is going on. I’m getting frustrated with her but I have no idea what to do. I keep praying for charity, humilty and patience so that probably why all this is happening, haha. She makes me feel like a pest she has to drag around and babysit. Any advice, scriptures, prayers – any thing would be helpful. I try so hard everyday to choose to be happy but its been hard.

We had a conference yesterday so more missionaries were there and I was talking to one of the Americans and she said I won’t learn Portuguese until I learn what the Lord wants me to. Anyways, I feel like this is a downer email, I just needed to get it off my chest. This is just me being selfish and not forgeting myself and working.

Love you all, May the lord be with you always!!

S. lawrence


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