November 25, 2013 (week 11)


This week has definitely been interesting. New companion, new area (not just to me-it was opened in August), new ward, new investigators, no electricity, no food and new experiences.

So me and my companion Sister Ribeiro got to our area Monday evening. Neither of us knew the area or where anything was so we didn’t end up doing any work but we met a few ward members. This area has its 2 extremes. Part of it is really rich and the other part is really poor. It’s an interesting dynamic. I’m not exactly sure the barro name but its on the more southern part of Natal. (My last area was Alecrim, Lagoa Nova and Dix-Sept in Natal) Some of the parts here look like neighborhoods in the US but thats just the really rich area. It actually feels kind of weird to be in some of those homes because I’m not use to it anymore.

All the ward members have been extremely nice and helpful this week. So sister Ribeiro and I have just kind of wandered around trying to orient ourselves and find new people to teach. The sisters before us weren’t very organized so we had nothing to go off of.

On Wednesday we came home to our neighbor telling us that our electricity had been turned off because it hadnt been paid. Turns out the sisters hadn’t paid in 2 months. The bill was like $100. So that was kind of annoying. There has been all this drama related to us not having light. I think today we will finally get it turned back on which will be nice to have light and a fridge again.

Other than that not a whole lot has happened. Everyone keeps telling us that every part of our area is really dangerous so my companion doesn’t want to go anywhere after it gets dark (which is around 6) so we spend a lot of time of members houses. I don’t feel the danger at all but maybe that’s just me being naive. I want to be out working.

Oh, also tons of people in this area speak English. Which is great but also bad for my Portuguese at the same time because I’m not thinking in Portuguese as much as I should. Having a brazilian companion has definitely helped my Portuguese I think.

Oh, I just remembered a funny/interesting story. So yesterday the elders had 4 batisms and one of the ladys was really worried that she was going to die in the font. I think she is a little mentally challenged she kept crying and walking around. Finally I was able to calm her down by singing to her in English (at her request.. she doesnt speak English..) then right before during the talk on baptism the brother giving the talk joked with her about dying and she started up again. We were all like.. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! The kicker was she didn’t go all the way under the first time so she had to be baptised again. She started wailing and didn’t want to do it again. The other people getting baptised where like what the heck am I getting myself into. It was pretty chaotic. We had the lady’s daughter go then she went again and it ended up being alright and she was happy but it was definitely the more interesting baptism I’ve ever been to. haha

I’m having tons of fun and can’t wait to have stories to tell you about this area!

Sister Lawrence


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