December 4, 2013 (week 12)

IMG_0503[1]Sister Lawrence with Sister Leonard, a friend that she grew up with (from TX).

IMG_0499[1]A group shot of the district!


So this week has been a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed all the lessons we’ve taught and we have quite a few people that are progessing. I really hope they get baptised!

One of the guys we taught this week is constantly sitting outside of his house.. like literally all day long. He is an alcohoolic but otherwise he is really smart and has a huge interest in religion. The first time we taught him it was about baptism and he accepted the invitation to be baptised on the 8th but he didn’t go to church on Sunday so we have to move his date. Anyways, we taught him again later in the week. We taught him and his friend about the WoW(Word of Wisdom) and they both accepted to follow it. When we called them the next day neither of them had drank or smoked. It was awesome! We are making a list of things to help them. I really hope that they come to church on Sunday because I think it will make a huge difference for them to be in the chapel. We are checking up on them again today so well see how it goes!

Another cool experience we had this week was not actually with someone we meant to teach. We had street contacted this guy Emanoel and were following up with a visit. His roommate was about to leave when we got there but I started teaching and he ended up staying and was more interested than Emanoel. His name is Allan. I really hope that he continues to feel the same conviction and wants to learn more and come to church. I’ve found that that’s the hardest part of this work. Getting people to come to church. Members are really important and helpful with this. I definitely will try and bring more people to church with me when I get back home.

One guy we taught this week just showed up at church on Sunday without our invitation. He had gone to the Mormon church when he was younger but hadn’t been baptized. He had run into the other sisters before us and decided to come to church. We taught him later that night and committed him to baptism. It was an awesome lesson and the spirit was super strong. We were suppose to teach him again last night but he didn’t show up. (we teach him in the church because he lives alone). I don’t know why he didn’t show but I really hope things work out for him.

My area has a lot of apartment complexes and gated areas so its a little bit more challenging to find people to teach. It’s been a blast though meeting all these new people and learning about the culture and their lives. It’s so interesting. I’m definitely in the nicer part of Natal. Everything here is super expensive and the houses are a lot nicer. I’m in the Cidade Verde Ward of the Porta Negra Stake. I live in front of the church in an apartment. It makes it pretty convenient to walk to church, haha.

So everyone here has hammocks in their houses. It’s awesome. I’m going to buy one today. I’m pretty excited about it.

Well, thats all I can think of right now. Love and miss you all!

Sister Lawrence



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