December 23, 2013 (week 15)

Me with my companion and a new convert Luiza (she wants to serve a mission or she has been tracting with us a ton this week). We stopped to eat dinner in the park.

Me with my companion and a new convert Luiza (she wants to serve a mission or she has been tracting with us a ton this week). We stopped to eat dinner in the park.

Oi minha familia e meu amigos!!

This week was a super emotional one but not in a bad way. We had some really spiritually intense lessons with some of our investigators.

As of right now we have 3 baptisms marked for this week. I’m super excited!! I will finally have baptisms during my mission!! I am so happy with the work I’m doing here. I really feel like I am helping people change their lives and gain testimonies not just getting numbers. I love it!

So one of our baptisms is with Pedro. I can’t remember if I’ve talked about him or not yet. He is awesome! He usually beats everyone to church, it’s hilarious. He his really smart and loves information so at first we had trouble with him waiting to know this church is true through the internet. We had to teach him to rely on prayer and God for answers. During the week we went through the baptism questions with him and he still had a few concerns about Pres. Monson. But then yesterday we asked how his searching was going and he got a big grin on his face and announced that he didn’t need to search anymore. He had is answer.  He wants to get baptized! It was awesome to see the happiness he was feeling at that moment. It also has been great to see how welcoming the ward has been to him.  He has a whole list of people that want to be the one to baptize him. Every Sunday it is almost impossible to talk to him because he is always surrounded by members. He is going to do wonders for this church. He wants to serve a mission really bad. He has a disability with his legs so he uses a walker. The other day he was telling us that he wants to serve in the field because people usually feel inclined to help him get around. He was like when people ask to help me I’ll be like sure.. and by the way have you heard of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.. oh you haven’t? How about you help me home and I’ll share a message with you about Jesus Christ? It’s a lot funnier when he said it 🙂 Anyways, he’s great.. such an example to me.

Our other baptism is a 16yo named Elias. He is such a gentleman – so nice and thoughtful. I feel sorry for him.. He has so much responsibility on his shoulders. He has to work all day long and help support his family because his brother and his family who he lives with doesn’t work. So he is basically the bread winner for the family. He also hasn’t had much schooling so he can’t read very well. It is so inspiring to see him try to read the Book of Mormon. He has such a desire to learn and to have a better life then he has now. I hope so much that he follows through with his baptism this week. We had a lesson with him the other day in the baptismal font. It was one of the most powerfully spiritual experiences I’ve had on my mission. When he prayed about when he should be baptized I started to cry.  It was amazing.  He has so much power and faith.

Remember Christ always he has so much power we just need to let Him help us

Love you all!


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