December 30, 2013 (week 16)

Eu e Sister Ribeiro perto na praia

Eu e Sister Ribeiro perto na praia


Me, sister ribeiro e Elias

Me, sister ribeiro e Elias

Me, Sister Ribeiro com Pedro

Me, Sister Ribeiro com Pedro

Oi! Feliz ano novo!!

We had 2 baptisms this weekend! It was glorious. A wonderful way to end the year. Can you believe this year is over? It seems like forever ago I graduated from BYU.

Let me tell you more about my baptisms this week. They were with Pedro and Elias. I talked about the last week I think. Both of them had to have interviews with the mission pres. so that was a little nerve racking but I knew they had strong testimonies and were ready for baptism.


I don’t know why but for some reason the whole ward just loves him. He was instant friends with everyone his very first Sunday. We had his baptism on Saturday because he wanted to be confirmed the next day and didn’t want to have to wait for the next Sunday. It turned out great. He has a walker so it took some time for everything to happen but the spirit we were all feeling was just glorious. After the people that had been assigned to speak spoke, he wanted to say a few words. He got up and bore his testimony for everyone and expressed how grateful he was for this gospel. I think my heart just about exploded from happiness. My favorite part of every baptism is the smile when they come up from the water. It is a smile of pure, eternal joy. It’s something that I cant explain exactly, but I love it.


He was having a hard time committing to baptism because he had a lot of concerns about not being perfect after. Also he is extremely shy in large groups. We finally got him to come to church last week and we wanted him to get baptised after. During his interview turns out he had had problems with drugs so he’d have to wait another week. Monday night I had a lesson with him where it was just me and him talking while my companion talked with his family. We were able to be completely open about his concerns. I was able to testify of the Atonement and importance of baptism. It went really well. He committed to pray and call me on Christmas with an answer. I didn’t end up hearing form him until Friday I think it was. We asked about it Christmas. And he responded that he had started to drink alcohol, coffee, and do marijiana but when he went to do this he felt really bad and everything we had taught him came flooding into his mind. He knew in that moment what we had said was true. He finally had received his answer. He wanted to choose the right and be baptised. I couldn’t have been more excited when he said this!! We had his baptism yesterday after church. He didn’t want a bunch of people there so it was just us and a few people from the ward. It was so amazing. He couldn’t stop smiling. After I made a cake for him and we celebrated with his family. He ended up walking us back to the chapel because we had a meeting. He was still outside when we finished an hour later because he didn’t want to leave. We passed by him today near the church and he asked if there were any activities going on today. Before we could’t get him to come to church now we can’t get him to leave! It makes me so happy to see him so happy. I want to help everyone!!!

te amo!!!!

Sister Lawrence



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