January 20, 2014 (week 19)


So this week has been kind of hard, mostly just frustrating. I’m trying really hard to be patient with the Lord and remember that everything is on His timing.

Our baptism for yesterday fell through. We have been teaching these 2 YW, Graziela and Maírys. They are great but love attention and drama in their lives. It reminds me of middle school (which makes sense they are both 13). They were both super close to baptism then pulled out. Because they said they weren’t ready.  Anyways, its just been a lot of she said/he said type of stuff going on. Mostly it just makes me sad because they are letting little things stop their progression to salvation. It has really got me thinking about how many times in my life I let little things stop me. I start to focus on those unimportant parts of life that Satan uses to distract us from truths and our progress. I’ve made goals to try and stay more focused on the gospel. I really, really want to live with my family forever so I need to work now. I was reading again in Alma 34 where it talks about not procrastinating the day of your repentance. I’ve always thought of this as a pessimistic way of looking at life but really it’s not because the more we repent the more we are able to feel love and receive blessings. I’m not expressing myself very well but its just something I’ve been thinking a about a lot lately.

We had a few other lessons this week that went really well so I hope we start to have more success with the Lords work here.

Elias has been great. He makes me so happy to see him growing in the gospel. I think I wrote about him a bit last week. Everyday almost he’s called us with another friend he wants us to teach. It’s awesome how he is so excited about the gospel and wants to do missionary work. I wish everyone had his enthusiam.

Love you all!

Sister Lawrence

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