February 3, 2014 (week 21)

Sister Lawrence and her companion, Sister Ribiero

Sister Lawrence and her companion, Sister Ribiero


With some church members

With some church members


With the Elders and members

With the Elders and members


Sister Lawrence loves the members!

Sister Lawrence loves the members!


Enjoying some Brazilian food

Enjoying some lunch



Nossa! (my favorite word here. I say it all the time, it means Wow!) Can you believe its already Feb.?! Time here has gone by so fast! Again this week was really slow. We are having a hard time finding investigators especially ones that actually want to listen to what we have to teach. But I’m still learning a lot. I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude and our attitudes towards our situations.  My companion is great but this week, because our work has been slow and discouraging, she has felt really frustrated and sad.  I am starting to realize the importance of happiness and gratitude during trials. Our whole lives we are going to be faced with problems and times of hardship when nothing seems to go your way. All we can do sometimes is choose to be happy and smile. I’ve tried hard to be happy and stay positive. It really made a difference in my outlook on life. Even though things are hard right now I am happy. I’m so blessed right now. It’s amazing. I’ve realized it does no good to just sit around and complain (I think it makes it worse) because nothing will get done and nothing will change. We need to keep moving forward and find other ways to accomplish success in our lives. I have a strong testimony now of happiness. It’s vital. I’m hoping with new ideas and direction to our work we will have more luck finding people that are excited about the gospel. I have faith the Lord can help me I just need to have the confidence to act when He asks me to.

Love you all

Sister Lawrence

And her letter to her brothers and sisters at home:


Thanks for you letter. I love Natal. It is beautiful here and the culture is great. It sure feels a lot hotter here than 80 but I’ll take this weather over the weather you guys are having, haha. My favorite part of my mission is the baptisms. I love the expression on their faces when they come out of the water. It is an expression of pure joy. I’m glad I can help people learn about the gospel. A mission is awesome, but a lot of hard work. It is not like anything you’ve ever experienced. I’m excited to find out about BYU and your mission. Both are great. I hope you go to Brasil also. Its the best place in the world!


I hope you are doing great. I miss you. I think you would like it here. I’ve had lots of amazing experiences and some not so great but I’m learning from everything and hopefully helping the people here as well. Keep making good choices.  I’m extremely proud of you and the progress you are making with your life. Heavely Father loves you soo much. He has a lot in store for you life!


Thanks for writing. I’m glad you are doing well in school. Education is really important. Keep studying hard so you can have a good future. It sounds like basketball will be fun this year and you will win lots of games. I’m sad too I can’t be there when you get the priesthood. It is a big step in your life. I hope you always live worthy to hold the priesthood. It is such a precious gift from the Lord. You will be able to act in His name. This is also a huge responsibility but I know you are ready. I’m so proud of you and your desire to do what is right!


Thanks for writing. I love getting your letters. My mission is going great. I’m trying to help everyone I can. I love Brasil. I want to bring you guys here and show you all around. The people are all super nice here. My favorite foods here are açai, mangos and leite condensada (sweeten condensed milk– it’s way better here) Açai is a berry they make into an ice cream type of thing. It’s really good. I’ve had some lessons that were pretty spiritual. I dont know if I have one moment that was the most spiritual. My mission president is awesome. He is really nice. My companion is Sister Ribeiro (Bia Mendonça on Facebook). She is super funny and likes to talk. We get along really well. The strangest thing that people eat here are ants. I havent eaten them yet. They are huge!!


Thanks so much for your letter! I love you too! I am doing great. I love my mission. I hope that one day you will serve a mission. Start preparing now! Be a good girl for mom and dad. You are a princess of your Heavenly Father. He loves you! Keep reading. It will take you on many adventures. Keep having fun and remember who you are!




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