February 10, 2014 (week 22)

Oi family!

So i dont have much time to write today because my companion had an interview with Pres. Soares and it went really long. But this week has actually been pretty eventful. Sister Ribeiro was transfered. It came as a huge suprise because we are in the middle of our transfers. My new companion is Sister Do Carmo. She is great.

My week started really down. Sister Ribeiro was feeling really frustrated and all of our appointments were falling through. On Wednesday we had a really good talk about how she was feeling and what changes we were going to make to help us be more successful and feel happier with our work here. Then that night she was transfered. I felt really torn about it because I love sister Ribeiro and will miss her a ton but I think we both needed this transfer to help revive our excitement. I spent Thursday in my old area Alecrim with some other sisters while I waited for S. Do Carmo to arrive. Friday we were on fire. We taught tons of people with a strong spirit. It was really inspiring to start our companionship like this. I’m excited to see what we do in this area and the people that we help.

I’ll have to write more next week when i have a full hour! Love you all.

Sister Lawrence

I forgot to say.. I received my Christmas packages from you and Grandma! Thanks, they were perfect! I loved them. 3 months traveling didnit help the caramels but they were still good haha.


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