February 17, 2014 (week 23)

Oi gentes,

Sorry last week was so short. I only had 20 mins. Here is a bit more for you guys today.

So this week was full of numbers. We were able to teach a ton and mark people for baptisms. It was a really good week. Everything in my life got mixed around and it was for the better I think. So my new companion is Sister Do Carmo. She is great. She’s a lot more forward than my other companions were about the gospel. I think this will be good for me.  Also, with all these changes and me being the one that knows the people and area, I’ve had to take on a lot more responsiblity. I love it. I think I’m ready to be senior and train. We have transfers next week so well see what happens.

A little bit about our investigators. We have quite the collection of really great people right now. First, Josi got baptised this week!! She is a single mother of 2 and has a really strong spirit. Elder Basil said that her interview for baptism was one of the most spiritual he’s had and hes about to end the mission. She really is great. Every time we visit her I leave happy. She has so much love for the Savior and just wants to do what is right. Another investigator is Wagner. Seriously, when he talks with us it’s like talking to a General Authority. He is super smart and knows the Bible really really well. It’s funny because everything he’s studied about the Bible is in complete accordance with the Gospel and he told us he’s been waiting to find a church that was right and had every part of the Church of Christ. He is constantly defending the church to other people and sharing the gospel. The other day is was telling me that he has a friend in the States that’s a member of the church and she wants him to visit her and her family and get baptised there but he told her that he wanted to get baptised here with us. Right now he is teaching his daughters and fianceé so that they can all get baptised together. (He researched all about the temple on the internet–I was really worried when he told us this because of what people have written.) He has a really strong desire to be sealed to his family. He really is awesome. One more person that we are teaching is Camila. We found her in the street crying so we stopped and talked with her. Turns out she was having problems with her boyfriend. We visited her the next day to see how she was doing and talked a little bit about prayer and church. Out of the blue she said.. “I’ve never been baptised. I should probably do that.” It was really funny. So we are working with her towards baptism. We’ll see.

I’m really starting to get used to Brasil. It’s starting to feeling like home but in a different way. The other day I was helping out with an English class and they asked me to pray in English. It was soo hard haha. I’ve forgotten how to speak english!

Well thats all I can think of right now. Love you all!!

Sister Lawrence

PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!! love you tons!!!!


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