March 17, 2014 (week 27)

A letter and pictures that I received from a sweet member in Madison’s ward.  They had a surprise party for her birthday 🙂




Having a great time at her party!

Having a great time at her party!


At her surprise party!

At her surprise party!


With some other missionaries from her zone

With some other missionaries from her zone


Enjoying the party

Enjoying the party


Madison and her companion dressed in green for St.Patrick's Day!

Madison and her companion dressed in green for St.Patrick’s Day!


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You guys are great!!! Love you all.

Happy St. Patrick’s day! So this week was interesting. We cut a lot of our investigators again because none of them were progressing. It really makes me sad when we do this because I grow to love them and I don’t want to stop visiting but we have to if they don’t do what they committed to do. We were able to get two men to come to church this week and mark their baptisms for this Saturday! I hope they stay firm and get baptized!

So my companion threw a “suprise” birthday party for me on Wednesday! It was super sweet of her. Quite a bit of the ward was there. I’m really starting to feel like this ward is my family. I’ve spent so much time with them. I can’t imagine how some missionaries deal with spending 8 or so months in one area.. so hard to leave. I seriously love the people here. Also, we had our Zone meeting that morning so the whole zone sang happy birthday to me. It was great.

Sister Do Carmo and I have tried really hard to stay super focused on baptism this last week. Literally eat, sleep, and breath baptism. It’s has really helped us stay excited and focused on the work. We are also trying to stay extremely obedient. Not that we weren’t before but its different when you really focus on doing what’s right not just go through the motions. We’ve talked a lot about how blessings require work. We can’t just sit back and expect things to happen, that people will just walk into our lives. If we want to baptize we need to be doing literally every possible thing we can to receive help. It goes along a lot with what I’ve been studying about faith and hope. Faith is the action of following Christ and hope is the confidence to keep moving forward with the expectations of promises fulfilled. I’ve been studying these attributes a lot lately. This week my focus is charity. If anyone has ideas or thoughts on these three chapters, I’d love to hear them.

So a week ago Viviane (sister of Leo) returned from her mission due to knee problems. It’s been really hard on her to deal with all the stress of returning and the chaos that is happening in her house. I’ve learned so much though from her example. She is always happy and talking about how she know that Heavenly Father has a plan for her. He really does have a plan for each one of us. There is something to learn in all of our experiences. It makes me think of the story about the Gardner and the rose bush (I think it was the rose bush). Some times we need to be cut down and trimmed so that we can grow into our fullest potential. There is always a bigger picture that we need to remember. This is were hope comes in because if we hope for the blessings and promises of our Father, we can have confidence that we will receive eternal life through the charity of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Love you all!!!

Sister Lawrence


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