March 3, 2014 (week 25)


So this week Carnaval started which means that no one is at home until Wednesday. It makes the work here a little bit harder. This week was actually really slow but we did see some miracles which is always nice. I made a goal for this transfer that every week I’m going to focus on a different attribute of Christ. This week is faith. I will update you all on what I learn.

We had a long chat with Josi this week. I think it really helped her to understand where we were coming from. We talked a lot about the importance of the decision she made and how she needs the Holy Ghost now to receive all the blessings of the gospel. She was open to the idea of continuing to come to church and learning more about the gospel. I hope that she will come to understand the role of the gospel in her life and how it can bless her so she can receive the Holy Ghost.

Leo was out of town this week so we didn’t have any contact with him really. He comes back this week. Praying he continued to read the book of Mormon.

I don’t really know what happened with Camila. We visited her on Friday and she was super receptive and excited about the gospel but as we started to teach her and show her the form for baptism she got really weird and was sick all of the sudden. She said something about a friend talking to her about how we just want to her to get baptised for personal gain. So we explained that it was all for her because we know the happiness it will bring her. She became more calm after that but she didn’t come to church because she was sick. One great thing though! She likes Cevada! Cevada is this weird drink here that is exactly like coffee but without the bad stuff. I’m still not sure how I feel about it because it is soo similar. It’s nice though because we give it to all our investigators that have problems with coffee as a replacement. (coffee is a big problem here.) We set a goal with her to read the Book of Mormon from front to back. We’ll see how it goes.

One really cool experience I had this week was with one of our investigators, Jessica. She is 16 and living with her husband (Marcos, 20). They aren’t legally married so we are working with them so that she can get baptized. She is soo awesome. She prays and reads the Book of Mormon everyday. Sometimes she has problems getting to church but really she is so strong and already a member haha. Anyways this week we taught her about fasting because Marcos is having a hard time having a desire to do anything about the marriage. After the lesson we told her we would return on Saturday to start the fast with her. (It was Friday) Saturday we showed up and she told us she had already fasted. Apparently after the lesson she thought. “Why not start my fast now?” I loved this. She has such faith! This is the attitude we all need to have. Why procastinate something we can do right now? I learned a lot from this experience.

Eu sinto saudades de vocês! Te amo!!

Sister Lawrence

P.S. I love hearing all of your guy´s missionary experiences. It makes me so happy to hear about your testimonies and the excitement you have for the gospel!!


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