March 24, 2014 (week 28)


So this week was really interesting. It was actually a really spiritual week but also a huge test of patience. During the week I kept thinking why am I learning patience the week that I’m studying charity. It didnt make sense. It made me nervous for the week that I will study patience haha. It wasn’t anything big that happened just a lot of little things that seemed to go wrong. Our activities were working out or a lesson fell through that we really needed to have.

So I got to thinking what is the relationship between patience and charity. Why is Heavenly Father using this as a way to teach me? As I studied the scriptures, I learned that if you have charity you have complete patience with everyone because you love unconditionally. This week was a week of service. Everytime we serve we learn to love and when we learn and serve others we have patience for all the shortcomings because we have an understanding of their divine nature as children of God. We are willing to do anything to help our brothers and sisters.

We had a baptism this week! A guy named Renato. He has a testimony really strong. It is amazing to see him growing in the gospel. He’s a mason so he already knows a lot and it was really interesting to teach him because of his perspective on the gospel.

Love you all!

Sister Lawrence


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