March 31, 2014 (week 29)

Olá Família!

My mission hit our goal of 200 baptisms this month! Yay! It really is a miracle to see the spirit working with the people of Brazil!

So I dont really have a lot to report on this week. It was a lot of walking and a lot of people saying they’d keep commitments then not doing anything. I’m trying really hard to learn about how to help people understand the importance of the gospel. I understand if you didn’t grow up hearing all about it that it would be harder to accept right away as something vital for salvation.

Something funny.. the other day I met an Italian lady that lived in Minneapolis! how crazy haha. Small world.

We are teaching a girl name Nirvana right now. She is incredible. She prayed and received an answer after the first lesson. Everytime we visit her she gets super excited. The only problem is her mom doesnt support her baptism. Her mom hasn’t been out right against yet, but she does everything in her power to not let Nirvana go to church or sometimes even meet with us. I hope and pray that her mom with soften her heart and let Nirvana get baptised.

Next week is transfers so I’ll be emailing on Wednesday.

Love you all!!

Sister Lawrence


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