April 9, 2014 (week 30)


It’s rainy season here right now. It gets really hot right before it rains but overall the temperature doesn’t change much. So this week ended up being full of a lot of emotions. First off, I’m staying here again with Sister Do Carmo! Pretty soon they have to give me a calling in the ward haha. I’m excited to stay again. There are lots of things I want to change about how I’m working here and now I have this chance.

Conference was amazing! I was so glad I could watch it in English. I thought it was so interesting that almost everyone talked about how it’s the last days and we need to focus on faith in Jesus Christ and our obedience to the commandments. Now really is the time that we need to be preparing for the second coming. The world is moving farther and farther from Heavenly Fathers standards and the temptations are getting stronger. I love how simple the gospel is and how we always have a chance to improve. I can’t wait to read and study the conference talks more in depth.

We had a hard time getting investigators to come to conference but we did get Camila to come. I was super happy about that. It was funny we visited her on Saturday and she said she’d go on Sunday so we returned on Sunday and she was still sleeping. We woke her up and waited for to get ready. She was super sleepy and not super excited about going but as soon as we sat down in the chapel she turned to us and said she wanted to get baptised this week. We both were a bit startled because she always was saying that she needed more time and she wanted to learn more before she took the next step. I remembered how during on of our lessons she had promised her if she visited church again she would feel the spirit super strong and know what she needed to do. AND IT HAPPENED!!! haha We were so happy for her!! We had her baptism yesterday before transfers because we didn’t know what would happen. It was such a special baptism. Her mom came (shes Catholic but super receptive) and cried the whole time because she was so happy her daughter was getting baptized. Actually, we were all crying haha. Camila couldn’t stop smiling. After the baptism we were telling her all about the blessings she will receive now and all the things she has access to such as the temple and patriachal blessing etc. It made me realize how much this church blesses lives. I’m so glad to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ. The only true, complete church on the earth with a living prophet that helps lead and guide us so we can live worthy to return to our Father in Heaven. This gospel has given me so much in my life I dont think I fully comprehend the blessings I’ve received. I hope that everyone can eventually feel this same gratitude I have for my Savior Jesus Christ.

Love you all!!
Sister Lawrence

PS I was going to send photos but I forgot my cord so you will all have to wait until next week! 🙂


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