June 16, 2014 (week 40)

The night I completed 9 months

The night I completed 9 months




My district at a zone conference we had this week with Elder Leal (of the Seventy).

My district at a zone conference we had this week with Elder Leal (of the Seventy).



So transfers are coming up… they will be next week. This week will be a reflection on how I’ve been blessed this transfer. Basically the Lord has been working like crazy in the hearts of the people here in Santarém. We have been truly blessed to see this happen and be a part of it. Every week we worked extremely hard to get the standard of excellence (mission goals) then Saturday would come along and everything would start to fall apart. Feeling discouraged we’d wake up Sunday morning to everything fixed again. It has really been a test of my faith. To know really what it means to have faith. When it talks about if we do our part the Lord has to do His. It really is true. There were so many Sundays when we walked into church discouraged because we only managed to get one person to come (the goal is 3) to discover 3 or 4 more people already there. It was really humbling to see answers to my prayers. The last 2 Sundays we’ve had people come up to us at church saying they wanted to be baptized. I seriously wanted to cry!!

There is one teenager we’ve been teaching for about a month. We always thought that he wasn’t really paying much attention during our lessons. At the end of last week we found out that his girlfriend ran away with out saying anything and he had no idea where she was. He was really sad and said he might travel with his dad. When we visited him at the end of the week he was still there and got really excited that we came. He told us that he had read the Book of Mormon and prayed after. When he was reading the BoM he felt better and soon after that he heard from his girlfriend. He knew it was an answer to his prayer. He wanted to get baptized. It really was a miracle.

Miracles haven’t stopped!

Love you all!

Sister Lawrence


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