May 19, 2014 (week 36)


So this week went really well.. my first week as a trainer. (It helps that basically she already knows everything) We worked really hard trying to find new people to teach and I wanted to show her that I’m here to work. It’s been really good to reenergize me. She’s new and fresh.. it’s great. But I didnt realize how stressful it is to be senior. haha I’m so stressed that I’m forgeting like everything. It’s to the point where its kind of funny. It’s a good thing that she’s here to keep my head on straight. Even though i’m stressed out, I’m extremely happy here. Sister Cieslak and I are ready to work and this area has so much potential. It’s extremely small and already has a bagillion members but a lot of them are inactive. We’ve decided that we are going to focus on completing families and helping people return to church. It’s going to be awesome. I read the day in PMG that we need to leave an area better then how we found it. I really want this to be my focus here. There are so many good people here that just need our help.

So our ward here had a lot of problems before we got here with the bishop and the elders. I dont know exactly happened but everyone is extremely excited that we are here. It makes the work a lot easier when everyone is willing to help.

We baptized a boy named Isaque on Saturday. It was really sweet. He reminds me a lot of Bryce. He’s 11 years old and really funny. He was super nervous to get baptised but really excited. We went to his house before the baptism to walk with them to the church and he was practically running all the way there. It was so sweet to hear him bear his testimony and see his excitment about church. I feel like it’s how we all need to be, genuinely excited. I think a lot of times we get into a routine of our day to day lives and we forget about the little things. Thats what I’ve learned this week. Sister Cieslak and Isaque taught me that this week, how to remember the little things.

Love you all,

Sister Lawrence


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