May 26, 2014 (week 37)


So this week seems like it took forever which if funny because we worked extremely hard. It really was a week of miracles. So basically all week we were running around trying to find people to teach because we are opening the area. We didn’t have that big of a group to teach. We’ve been studying a lot about faith and our power and authority this week as well so we decided to put it into practice and call everyone to get baptized and repent of the sins. It was amazing to see the reactions of the people here. They understand the power we have when we talk with them.  Not everyone responds how we like but they feel that the need to change and we see that in their reactions. So we also had a cool weekend. It was Stake Conference and they called a new Stake Pres. so there were 2 members of the 70 here. We’re not suppose to go to the Saturday session if we don’t have an investigator. Up until right before we didn’t have one. We were feeling really desperate because we wanted to go really bad. Literally right before the conference started we found a man sitting on the side of the road waiting for his church to open. We invited him to visit ours right then and with a little prompting he accepted. It was awesome. During the conference Pres. Soares was talking and he called out my name during his talk. It was super embarassing but the worst part was later during Elder Soares’ talk (they are cousins.. cool right?! a mission pres and a 70 talk about a family of power) he suprised me and Sister Cieslak and invited us up to the front to bear our testimonies and share an experience of working with members. I was sooo nervous!!! Holy crap hahah. speaking in front of the whole stake, my mission pres., and members of the 70. Seriously I about died.

The next day on Sunday we ran around like crazy and got 4 people to church, all of which are marked to be baptized next Sunday along with another woman. I hope that we can help all of these people stay strong during the week so their baptisms don’t fall through. I’ll write more about them later. I’m running out of time to wrote all about them. I will tell you about Emanuel though. So he’s a guy we found on our first or second day here. When we first started teaching him he was super receptive and accepted what we were saying but it turns out he has a pretty big problem with drinking. So for about the next week or so everytime we tried to talk to him he was drunk. It made for some pretty funny conversations but for the most part he was pretty wishy washy about what he wanted. Anyways, yesterday we passed by his house before church in the morning and he didn’t answer but later in the afternoon we were walking passed his house and found him there. We talked to him for a minute and invited him to go to the church just to walk around and become familiar with it. Turns out there was another ward meeting there at the time so we convinced him to stay for sunday school and sacrament and he committed to be baptized next sunday and to not drink this week! It was great progress. We’ll see if he stays strong… I hope he does. I have faith that the Lord can help him but only if Emanuel lets Him.

Well thats all I have for you now. Love you all!

Sister Lawrence


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