July 21, 2014 (week 45)

Sister Madison Lawrence

Sister Madison Lawrence


4 sister missionaries

4 sister missionaries at a ‘super old fort’


Sister Lawrence making cinnamon rolls

Sister Lawrence making cinnamon rolls



This week was a pretty normal week. Not a whole lot out of the ordinary happened. I’m teaching English here a few days a week. We have started a few other weekly activities as well. The ward here is improving a lot. Its pretty great to see the ward change and be more excited about the gospel.

Basically we spent the week trying to find new people to teach. But we did have one pretty cool experience the other day. So it was like 7pm and we had already visited all of the people in our schedule for the day because almost no one was at home. We decided to pass by Nicole just to see how she was doing. She wasn’t home so we decided to just sit down on the sidewalk for a minute to think about what we could do with the rest of our night and to pray. After a few minutes we got up and started to walk to a recent converts house when we heard someone yell ‘Sisters’ behind us. It was the Primary President. She told us how she had a dream about Nicole getting baptized. We all got really excited. Then on Sunday Nicole went to church and after I was talking to her about getting baptized and she asked if we could ask her parents right then. So we all when to her house and had a talk with her parents. It was okay.. they didn’t accept yet but we are going to help her this week and we are all pretty sure that she will be baptized next week… I hope it all works out for her!!!!

love you all

Sister Lawrence


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