July 7, 2014 (week 43)

Hi everyone!

So this week was interesting. It was good but it was hard at the same time.

We baptized this lady named Fran. She is amazing. Her life was pretty stressful. She recently separated from her boyfriend (whose an inactive member) and was really upset about it. His mom gave us Frans address and we started to teach her. She was super receptive to everything we said then she told us this week that she had a dream the other day that her sister told her the church is true and she can be baptized. After that she said she had no doubt in her mind that the church is true that no one can say anything that will change her mind. She really is amazing. Last week we taught her the commandments including fasting. She remembered on her own that this Sunday was fast Sunday and fasted without saying something to her. I almost cried with joy when she told us she was fasting. It is amazing to see people really change their lives. She owns a restaurant and almost everyday that we pass by she is sitting at one of the tables reading the Book of Mormon. Que linda! (How beautiful!) I really am impressed with the people here. But besides her and Rogerdes family not many people are progressing anymore. We spent a lot of our week just walking around trying to find people to teach. Its just part of the mission but it really is hard just to walk all day and not feel like it was super productive.

So we are working with all of Rogerdes’ family right now. Tonight we are going to talk to his parents about getting married so hopefully we will have a wedding here soon!! His mom goes to church every week with him and Vitória. Vitória is the sweetest. She’s 11 years old and super smart. Everything we say she actually listens and tries to live it. Truly amazing. Guess what?! Rogerdes is going to give a talk on Sunday. I never thought I’d see one of my investigators give a talk! I really feel so blessed in this area. We have seen soo many miracles.

There is also this little girl we are teaching. Shes 10 years old. Her name is Nicole. She goes to church every week and is super excited about church. The only problem is her parents are very Catholic and think she is too young to choose to be baptized. So they won’t let her be baptized right now. We are hoping that the Lord will touch the hearts of her parents and soften them enough to allow her to be baptized. She is going to be our focus this week.

It’s amazing how im learning about the importance of members in missionary work. When members are there helping and doing their part that is when people stay strong in the church and the work moves sooo much faster. I hope when I get back that I am the kind of member that every missionary dreams of haha.

Share the Gospel!!

Love you all!

Sister Lawrence


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