June 25, 2014 (week 41)

Us with Rogerdes

Us with Rogerdes


So this week was great. We had transfers and we both stayed here! But we had to divide our area. It’s already really small so that was a little difficult. The other sisters arrived today. It will be fun though to live with 4, not just S. Cieslak and me. This week we baptized Rogerdes (the kid I wrote about last week). It was great he was super excited all week. We were planning on baptizing him on Sunday but he asked if he could be baptized on Saturday so he could receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday. Saturday we also had an open house at the church because it went through reforms about 2 months ago so we decided to close the open house with his baptism. It was really cool. There were still a few people there at the end that stayed to watch. It was super spiritual. Now we are teaching his sister and he gets so excited when we come over. Basically he teaches all the lessons. One of the days they started to fight a bit because they thought the other was getting more of our attention. If only everyone felt that way and wanted us over at the house always. During his blessing when he received the Holy Ghost they said that he would serve a full time mission. When he said that I felt the spirit super strong. It was really amazing to understand the impact that I’m having here. It would just be his life that I made a difference but everyone that he comes into contact with.

It really is so important that we are doing missionary work. This last few weeks I’ve been studying a lot about the plan of salvation and the impact of eternity. This time on earth is soooo short compared to eternity!! I dont want anyone to be lost!

Well, my time is up.. Love you all!

Sister Lawrence


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