June 30, 2014 (week 42)


Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!!

A lot of you have been commenting on the World Cup… it really is intense down here haha. Its been a blast to be a part of all the excitement. I love how you guys are all getting involved and watching it. Makes me feel a little bit closer to you guys knowing that you are watching the same thing as me at the same time.

This week was interesting. Pres. split our area. Our area already was the smallest in the mission and now its miniscule but it will be great. There is still a ton of work to do and we have the bonus of not having to walk as much. So the other companionship arrived on Wed. and with the Brazil games we pretty much lost a lot of our proselyting time. Our numbers were pretty low and everything so going into Sunday I didn’t have much hope that we would hit our goals. But the Lord really blessed us. I learned an important lesson this week. When you are in the service of your fellowing being your are in the service of your God. We spent a lot of time this week doing splits and working in the other area to help the other sisters learn the area and get new investigators so we were left with basically nothing in our area and the days that we worked in our area no one wanted to listen and take the discussions. But on Sunday we were blessed with 11 people at church. The other sister got 4 to come and with us 4 missionaries we added 19 people to sacrament meeting. It was a huge blessing because the stake goal is to raise the attendance of Santarém. It really was a blessing! After sacrament Vitória was baptized.

We’ve been working a ton with the ward to help them get excited about missionary work. It’s been really cool to see the Lord work with us and change this ward from dead to animated!

I had another cool experience this week. We were with Rogerdes visiting people and trying to talk to be in the street but no one was around and it was raining off and on. Finally we decided to pray so Rogerdes said the prayer. We had 2 options and chose one. We found out about 15 minutes later that the other street someone got robbed about 5 minutes after we prayed. I know because of that prayer we were saved from being robbed. It was great also for Rogerdes to see a prayer answered like that. (Dont worry mom the area is relatively safe)

Something else that I’ve noticed lately is the focus on family history work. Elder Leal (of the 70) visited and said that for our mission specifically family history will help the mission have a lot of success. Then in my study of General Conference there were a few talks on it as well and then again in the Liahona this month the 1st Pres. message is about Family History. I think it’s important that we do it. With all of my study about the Plan of Salvation im starting to understand a little bit more about the importance of doing family history and going to the temple. Just a few thoughts that I’ve had this week.

Well love you all!!!

Sister Lawrence


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