August 11, 2014 (week 48)

Olá tudo mundo! como vai??

This week was a little hard for me getting used to a new area and new companion. It’s pretty different here than in the capital. For one thing, our area is huge! Well compared to what I’m used to. It is in the ward Abolição. It’s also interesting how I got so used to Brazilians that I don’t know how to be a companion with an American, haha. I can’t communicate directly anymore! I guess this is my preparation for when I come home. haha

But everything is good here. I’m just starting to get to know the area and the people. Here people are a lot more receptive to our message then in the capital. It’s a lot easier to baptize. So that will be fun! My companion has only been in Brazil for 4 months so she still doesn’t know Portuguese really well. I’m trying to help her. It’s definitely going to be a different transfer than I’m used to.

Well I don’t have much to say… I just wrote home on Weds.  Also to be a little bit trunky… I’ve been out for 11 months today.. only 7 more months. Can you believe how fast its gone?!?

Miracles exist, we only need to show our faith through action.

te amo!
Sister Lawrence


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