August 18, 2014 (week 49)


So this week we were having a really hard time. Basically no one wanted to listen to us or they weren’t home when we passed by. We weren’t feeling to great about our week then during church yesterday one of the investigators that we brought to church asked if he could be baptized later that day. It was his first time at church so we had to run around getting everything ready and talk with President to get permission. But it all worked out and we got to baptize him later that evening. He was soo excited! During his baptism he was already making plans to save money to get to the temple in Sept.

We had another guy we were teaching that almost got baptized on Saturday but he has a lot of fear. It really got me thinking about our investigators and how many of them just have fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear is what stops our progress. When we have doubts about the future and how things will work out we are doubting Heavenly Father. We basically are telling Him that we know better that our will is more important. But faith is the courage to act, trusting that Heavenly Father is guiding our steps and that one day we will receive the reward even if that reward isn’t immediate, even if it seems like more will turn out wrong than will turn out right. It’s this sacrifice that brings eternal joy. During my mission I’ve tried hard to learn this type of faith.. it’s been hard and there are still so many times that I have doubt. But I can finally say that I’m just starting to comprehend this type faith. I’m sooo grateful for my Savior and all the lessons that he is helping me learn is this life.

I have a good feeling about this week… it’s going to be good.

Love you all! Share the gospel with everyone!

Sister Lawrence


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