August 25, 2014 (week 50)

Oi gente!

So this week was actually pretty good.. at least number wise haha. So we had some really good moments and some really awful ones. First I’ll share a good one.

So we are teaching this lady names Olanda. She is awesome, super friendly and receptive. So we contacted her in the street a while back and tried to pass by a few times but it was always really hard to catch her at home or not super busy. She makes clothes from her home, she has a small factory at the back. Anyways, earlier this week we were passing by one last time to try and talk to her with the intention of dropping her from our list but this time she was home and not super busy. We were able to teach her the restoration and left a Book of Mormon with her inviting her to read it and pray. A few days later we passed by again to see how it went. She read it! And the best part is she actually prayed! (we have a lot of people that we talk to that never actually get around to reading or praying so when someone does we get really excited) We asked her how it went and she related the following: after our visit her business picked up which she said was due to our visit so she decided that she better read. She read a little bit of what we left for her and felt light and happy. When she prayed she really felt like it was true and that God was answering her prayer. We couldn’t have been more excited so we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ (3rd lesson) and invited her to be baptized. She accepted! It was awesome. It’s always an amazement to me when we find an elect. God really is preparing his people! I love this gospel sooo much.

And now something sad that happened… so Fernando the boy we baptized last week isn’t allowed to come to church anymore or even receive our visits. His mom got really upset of something little and blamed the church. We tried to talk to her about it she said that she liked to drink, go to parties, taking her kids with her and basically do whatever she wanted. She said that Fernando was only 13 and to young to decide what he wanted, maybe he would want to drink also. So she banned him from doing what was right because it wasn’t something that she wanted to do. It made me really sad that she was like that. So extremely hardened and prideful. Its amazing the influence parents have… we are going to try and pass by this week with Bishop. Maybe he’ll be able to help.

All in all this week made me extremely grateful for the knowledge that I have about God and the plan of salvation about the gospel, that I truly know what is true and will bring really happiness into my life.
Love you all.

Sister Lawrence

P.S. I cut my hair… I’ll pictures next week


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