August 6, 2014 (week 47)






Soo.. I’m writing on Wednesday because we had transfers this week and….. I got transfered! Now im in a smaller city called Mossoró. I finally left the capital, Natal. All anyone had to say about Mossoró is how hot it is. yay… haha and I thought Natal was hot. I’m going to get really, really tan here. My new companion is Sister Bosworth-Arzani. Shes an American from Iowa. My first American companion. It’s going to be interesting. I’m excited about the changes but I’m really going to miss Sister Cieslak and the ward in Santarém.

So this last week was a pretty normal week. We were able to baptize a great guy on Sunday. One investigator that I was teaching was really funny. We can learn a lot from him. Basically every few sentences he says something about how great God is or how much Christ is blessing his life. I’ve never seen someone so excited and grateful for everything they have. Even the bad things he thanks God. It really made me reflect on where my gratitude is. Well this letter is going to be really short today. I hardly slept and spent the whole day so far traveling on the bus. Love you all.

Sister Lawrence


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