July 28, 2014 (week 46)

hi everyone!

So this week was just alright. I was sick all week. I still don’t know what I had but it wasnt enough to stay home so it was more difficult to work my fullest. It’s amazing how the Lord still continues to send blessings. We were able to find a young man named Jenesian last week. He invited him to go to church and he went. Then this last week we invited him to be baptized. He accepted! We planned to baptize him this Sunday but it turned out he had work so it was rescheduled for tomorrow. The whole ward is getting really excited about missionary work and plan on being there Tuesday. I’m so happy that things are improving here. It’s good to know sometimes that your efforts are worth something – to see the changes happen.

One thing in life I’ve learned is more often than not we don’t see the results of the progress until long after. It’s soo important that we are obedient always because we don’t know what will happen or who is watching.  This week I was studying a lot about obedience and diligence. Today is the day to prepare. We don’t have all the time in the world to change so why shorten your own time. Obedience isn’t just keeping the commandments and doing what is right, it’s choosing to be Christ-like. It’s not obedience if you feel forced to do it.

Dad its interesting that you are talking on the Hastening the work of salvation because lately I’ve been feeling the urgency of the second coming. Not that I think it will happen anytime really soon but that this work really is something urgent because there are so many people that still need to hear the gospel and do their family history. As the prophets have been saying and with all these new Liahonas about missionary work, we need to be following the prophet, sharing the gospel because its the last days and the world is only going to get worse and it will be harder and harder to help people accept the gospel. But basically why wait for something you can have today? Salvation isn’t just something for the future. With the gospel we can be saved everyday.. from temptations, heartache, and sins. Who doesn’t want to be saved from that?  Theres a scripture about this but I dont remember so I’ll try and find it this week and share more thoughts with you. Sorry this email is all over the place and I dont know if it all makes sense.

moral of the email: be obedient and work hard

love you all
Sister Lawrence


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