September 17, 2014 (week 53)


Transfer Day! So today we had transfers.. I stayed but my companion left. She already had 7 months here so it was already time for her to experience other areas. I will be sad to see her go though. My new companion is from São Paulo. Her name is Sister Samantha Nóbrega. She has 3 months on the mission.

So this week went pretty well.. I’m trying to remember what happened because I’m already half way through this week haha.

Right now we are working with a mother and daughter that are really really shy. It’s been interesting to teach them. They are getting ready to be baptized on Saturday. Basically they’ve had a really hard life and don’t leave the house very much. I really learned though, how the gospel is for everyone in every situation.

Blake, I know exactly how you are feeling. I’ve felt the same way soooo many times! But it’s more a matter of we do our part and plant the seeds so the Lord can ripen the harvest when the seasons right. Just stay strong and work hard… you already are receiving soo many blessings.

This last week I read a book call The Everday Missionary by Clayton Christensen. I recommend that everyone reads that book. Its it awesome! It really gets you in the mood to share the gospel with everyone.

Well I love you all

Sister Lawrence


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