September 8, 2014 (week 52 – 1 year!)



Oi família!

Don’t worry the termites have slowed down a bit.. new tunnels havent appeared for a few days. We’ve just been bug spraying them haha. It seems to work pretty good.

So this week started out really great. We had so many people progressing and it was looking like we were going to baptism Bastante this month. For example, we found this one lady that has interesting work.. haha Anyways, we talked to her in the street and gave her a Book of Mormon on Saturday. Tuesday this week when we passed by we asked how the reading was going and she said that she had only read a little bit but that she up to 1 Ne 14! What?! We were really impressed. When we went back on Wed. she was already in 2 Ne 8. We started teaching her the lessons and everything.. It was going so well.. but her work is really complicated and by the end of the week she was avoiding us and stopped reading the BoM. Also she didnt go to church… it made us sooo sad. But I know one day she will remember how she felt during our lessons and when she comes into contact with the church again she will accept.

Our miracle for the week though was Francisco. He really has such a strong testimony for how little time hes been investigating the church. He was part of the Assembléia but didnt like it to much..

Anyways we started teaching him and basically he accepted everything. He went to church last week and loved it. One thing that I thought was really interesting is that he noticed how members of the church really are different. They live what they preach. He loves the example and light that members have. It made me so proud to be a member of this church.

Also I will complete 1 year this week… can you believe that it’s gone by sooo fast?!

Love you all

Sister Lawrence


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