September 22, 2014 (week 54)

Dione and Ana´s Baptism and my new companion

Jessica, Me, Ana Paula, Claudio, Bishop (Claudio is an investigator)


A family we are helping--Jessica, Me, Ana Paula, Claudio, Bishop (Claudio is an investigator we are helping)

Dione and Ana´s Baptism and my new companion


So it hasn’t been to long since I last wrote and don’t have to much to add but all in all last week went well. The first little bit of a new transfer is always difficult getting use to a new way of doing things. Sister Nóbrega is really new on the mission and still is learning how to do a lot of things. She’s super shy which is interesting haha because I remember when I was like that. It’s interesting to be on the other side now.
One thing that I realized this week is the importance of the Book of Mormon. It really is vital to everything we believe.. to our salvation. When we study it, it literally changes us. Like the people of King Benjamin we lose all desire to do evil. It’s amazing the difference in our investigators between those that read and those that don’t. If you want to know the church is true, if you want to know that Jesus is the Christ, read the Book of Mormon. Really everything about the church is so simple and clear. We don’t have to have a doubt about anything. Like Elder Uchtdorf said doubt our doubts before we doubt our faith.
Well.. idk what else to say today but that I’m really really excited for General Conference!! Seriously, on the mission it’s better than Christmas! (Probably should be off the mission too haha)

Dad, conference is going to be broadcast in different languages?

Love you all,
Sister Lawrence


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