September 29, 2014 (week 55)


So this week was interesting. Basically, I passed the whole week sick. I got a migraine on Wednesday that lasted until Thursday then I got a cold. Sister Nóbrega also got a cold the same day as me. So we’ve been sick together. We’re both still a little sick, but recovering quickly. Its basically been our joke of the week. Working through the sickness. One day I was so out of it that I thought I saw a unicorn in the street. We had a good laugh about that one. 🙂 So we just barely met our goals this week. It really was a miracle. It’s amazing how much the Lord blesses our lives everyday.

So first Dad to answer your question… My message that I would tell the members is.. be a friend and be involved with the missionaries and their work. One of the most important things is that people feel welcome when they come to church. Many times members just stay in their routines and don’t pay much attention to others, especially new people at church. It’s so important that everyone has someone to accompany them during the meetings. For many this is a completely new experience. But its not enough to just say hi and move on. Talk with them, find out about their lives and be friends with them outside of a church setting. This allows them to have someone they can trust and help them with the life transition. I have a lot more to say haha but for now this is it.

I’m super excited for Conference!!! yay

Love you all!

Sister Lawrence


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