October 6, 2014 (week 56)


So this week was really strange. Tuesday was a holiday, Thursday was a Zone Conference, Friday was a holiday, and Saturday and Sunday was conference. So basically we weren’t able to do any work. But despite that.. it ended up being a really good week. I loved conference. I learned so much. It’s amazing really how the talks are always exactly what we need to hear. So Saturday I thought was a lot about personal revelation and how we need to gain a testimony for ourselves. I also thought that a lot was about prophets. The last days are here!! haha but seriously I was thinking that conference this time was a lot more about strengthening the members because times are just going to get worse and less about new commandments.

I loved the talk by Elder Uchtdorf! I think it was my favorite. I really need to watch all of conference again. I watched to first 3 in English – actually we just listened to it. The visual wasn’t working. Then the last one I watched in Portuguese because we had investigators there. It was really cool to hear a talk in Portuguese. This new feature to conference really shows how the church is growing because more and more world-wide.

Well, I wanted to send pictures but this computer isn’t letting me… next week..

Love you all

Sister Lawrence


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