October 29, 2014 (week 59)


It is transfer week! So I stayed here in Mossoró but my comp was transfered. She returned to Sousa. My new companion is Sister Amanda Porter. She has 3 months on the mission. I’m pretty excited to see how this transfer goes.  Sister Porter is super animated and ready to work.

This last week was really great. We have been teaching like crazy. We were able to baptize a man named Rusenglé. His situation reminds me a lot of the same situations that Grandma and Grandpa are seeing in Belize. This week Rusenglé built himself a little one room shack made up of scraps. You could barely call it a shelter but the amazing thing is that this week he asked us how he could start paying his tithing. He literally has nothing and is willing to give it to the Lord. I was really humbled by this experience.
Our other baptism was a young man named Alerrandro. He is 16. Him and his brother (13) live alone together. Yet he goes to school, work and now seminary everyday. I don’t know very many 16 olds that are willing to do all that and take care of a brother without parents. It really is inspiring.

This week we also have been teaching a women named Rita de Cássia. Again an incredible situation. She lost her house so right now she is living in an abandoned school. Her youngest adopted son has a lot of health problems and she paying thousands every month in medicine. Yet she is soo humble and willing to follow the Savior. She told us the other day that after we taught her the Restoration she prayed really hard all afternoon to know if it was true. That night she had a vision (dream) of a man dressed all in white who appeared to her and told her that everything we said was true and that the church was true. All she has to do is follow and she will receive the things she needs. I almost started crying when she was telling us this. She’s going to be baptized next week with her mom.

I’m really learning what it means to have faith to follow humbly. I think a lot of times I end up doing what is right but I don’t always do it with the right atitude so really it doesn’t do me much good. I’m trying to learn how to be more diligent.
Love you all! I pray for you always!

Sister Lawrence


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