November 17, 2014 (week 62)

hello loved ones,

So this week was really great.. well most of it. Our baptism for this week fell through hard. Rita was supposed to be baptized this Sunday but her boyfriend whose dying of cancer won’t let her. It’s a long and complicated story but in all it was sad. She’s the one thats had a few dreams about us and the church and was really excited to get baptized so it hurt even more that it didnt work out. We’ll see how it goes in the future.

On a happier note we had some really funny street contacts this week. A drunk tried to teach us about Mary and how we have to have respect for her then he told us he could speak English so we said a few sentences and he just responded with gibberish. We got a good laugh out if it. Later we found an 80 yr old lady that lives alone and passes her day playing playstation, Mario bros. She invited us to play with her. Of course we didn’t but it was pretty funny.

Also this week we found a group of guys that are working on the new chapel. This ward get a new chapel that is being built. I think it will be finished next year some time. It’s been really great for missionary work because its huge and the whole neighborhood has taken notice. Anyways, we found a group of guys that are working on it and they went to church with us this sunday. After we passed by their house and talked with them a little bit. It’s amazing the trials they’ve had. They said they would get baptized this Sunday so well see how the week goes!

All in all the it was a good week.

The church is true!!!!

Sister Lawrence


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