December 1, 2014 (week 64)


This week has been crazy. Tomorrow we have Leadership counsel for SLT, LD and LZ so today we are travelling to Natal which is 9 hours away. We will get back on Wednesday and I will go straight into doing exchanges with one of the sisters so I won’t return to my area until Friday. This week was spent running around our area so I could try and learn the area really fast because I won’t have much time with my companion. But this week went really well. We have lots of people progressing well. It’s different to be in a branch then in a ward. I think I’m really going to like it here.

This is Sister Carrolls last transfer so we are working really hard to stay focused and be an example for the other sisters. Now that I have the responsiblities of SLT its way easier to stay focused because there is so much to think about. I don’t think I’ve ever come home more tired each day then this week. It’s a really good feeling. I think the averages steps we walked this week were somewhere around 25,000 without counting our exercises. I’m trying really hard to make this last stretch really count and cross the finish line sprinting.

We really have seen a lot of miracles this month. Our zone baptised 41 and the mission baptized 245. Records for the zone and the mission. Pres. Soares has been talking with us a lot lately about being missionaries of the new era and stepping up the game. It’s been amazing to see the faith and hard work of all the missionaries. I’m excited to see what December will bring.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed now with having to take care of more sisters then just my companion but I’m excited for this new challenge. It will keep things interesting.

I love the Lord and His gospel!

Sister Lawrence


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