December 29, 2014 (week 68)

hi everyone!

It was so great to talk to you guys on Christmas! I really enjoyed it! But it made it feel real that I’ll be coming home soon. I don’t believe how fast it’s gone. Since I talked to you guys already this week, I don’t have too much more to add.  The rest of the week didn’t go too well with our work but a new week has started, so I’m excited. Let the challenges come! haha

So this email will be more reflective… I’ve been trying to think about what I’ve learned this last year, 2014.. one whole year in the service of the Lord.
I’ve learned a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ… faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. These are things that at first seem so simple but in reality are profound and complicated to understand the powerful depth each one has in our lives. Faith.. I don’t even know where to begin with what I’ve learned about faith. Faith is a power with the ablility to literally move mountains. A lot of the time we let our doubts and fears control us replacing our faith. When we learned to completely trust in the Lord without reserve and move forward anything is possible. When we have true faith and desire to do what is right we begin to understand the necessity of repentance. Repentance isn’t possible without change. We have to be willing to change. I think I’m still learning a lot about this one. Baptism is the fruit of the change. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to apply this in my life because I already got baptized so I started to study more and contemplate about the importance of the sacrament. It is one of the more important things we do in our lives and how many times do we go to church not thinking twice about what we are doing and promising to the Lord. He has given us a chance to be forgive and cleansed every week. If we are taking the sacrament worthy really trying to make changes everyweek its all in vain. It’s really changed my outlook on the importance of going to church every week. I didn’t give it the value I should have. It allows us to be worthy of the Holy ghost. I read a talk the other day abut the plan of salvation. It got me thinking about the degrees of glory. A celestial glory we can stay with God. A terretrial glory we can only dwell with Christ and a telestial glory we are only able to stay with the Holy Ghost. This world is at a telestial state right now so when we aren’t worthy or don’t have the spirit with us we aren’t even worthy of a telestial glory. How will we be worthy to live with God? I got thinking how important it is now to develop the gift to be worthy of the spirit and to always stay with him so we are able to progress to a celestial glory. If we are doing these things enduring to the end will be a priviledge not an obligation. It’s through these efforts that judgement day will be a day of celebration. Truly the Savior is merciful. I love the Lord with all my heart. I know that the gospel is true!

Sister Lawrence


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