January 12, 2015 (week 70)


This week was really hard. We had a leadership conference on Tuesday so we ended up not getting back to our areas until Thursday because it is so long to travel. We are 9 hours from the capital here in Sousa and they only have 1 bus that leaves at 10am so we couldn’t return until Wednesday. I didn’t end up seeing anyone from my old areas but the trip was still good. I learned a lot. It was a good time for me to reflect on the time I have left. I want to make it all count. I made a lot of goals for my last transfer and am really excited to work on them now. Because we lost a lot of time we had to do a weeks worth of work in only a few days. It was really busy but we saw a lot of miracles happen. We found a family that is really great. We’re hoping to baptize them on the 25th.. we’ll see how it goes. The husband, Damião, had a dream about the church the other night and has lots of desire to find the truth. His wife, Cida, has her doubts and not a lot of desire. They have two girls, Donárea (11) and Ionary (9), that have been going to church with us the last few weeks. I’m really excited to see the changes their family is going to makes. It always makes me so happy to see other become more happy and develop peace and love in their lives.

Other than that not a lot happened.. It’s my companions last week of the mission so that’s hard too. But she still excited about the work and everything so I have a lot of hope for this week.

love you all!!
Sister Lawrence


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