January 21, 2015 (week 71)


Parabens Blake! Feliz aniversario!

So… my companion finished her mission and I’m…. training! My second daughter on this mission! This transfer is going to be interesting. I’ll be sister training leader alone for the zone and training my new companion as well. Her name is Sister Muria. She’s from Rio Grande do Sul (It’s in the south of Brazil). She’s super excited to start the mission and to work hard so it will be good for me. I won’t have time to think of anything else. haha

My last week with Sister Carroll was really interesting. Almost all of our last transfer was dificult.. We weren’t having much success but our last Sunday was a day of miracles! We had a lot of people at church with us and a few of them went completely on their own. After church we found a golden family!! It was a miracle! The only problem they live in a little town outside of Sousa and we aren’t allowed to go there to teach the family.. but if they go to church again we can baptize them!!! I hope it all works out! Basically, it was a perfect Sunday.

I don’t have a lot of time today but I love you all!!

Sister Lawrence


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