January 26, 2015 (week 72)

​Eating lunch with Irmã Socorro! (when I was with Sister Carroll)

​Eating lunch with Irmã Socorro! (when I was with Sister Carroll)


​With our mainha and painho! :)

​With our mainha and painho! 🙂

hello! 🙂

This week was really busy! I just wrote you guys on Wednesday but it feels like it’s been a lot longer. So we started working in our area again on Thursday and basically had to do a weeks worth of work in 2 days. It was a bit crazy… we worked super hard and were able to see the miracles. We were able to find a bunch of new people. I had left a few people in the area with baptisms marked for this Sunday. I was really worried about how they were because it had been a few days since I was able to pass in their houses. Usually we pass everyday the week of the baptism. We were blessed this week to find the Lord’s elect, Damião. He has the gift of believing. When we got back from our travels he was still super excited to be baptized. I was soo relieved. He said the experience that he had at church last week was so impactful that he would believe anything that we taught because he knew we were sent from God. It was really great to see him baptized on Sunday.

We also saw another miracle happen on Sunday. On Saturday we made visits with a few of the members to help bring people back to church. Sister Muria invited a lady to return to church and this lady said she had a grandson that really like the church and was always asking her to be baptized. When we got to church on Sunday they were there so we ended up baptizing him after church. His name is Leonardo. He really is a gem, super special.

It’s funny, I forgot how it is to be new on the mission. My companion has so much energy and desire to talk to everyone and do everything. It’s been good for me because she doesn’t leave time for me to remember how exhausted I am. haha, I really am learning a lot from her. I think it’s amazing how we can learn something from everyone. She just starting out and I’m finishing but I think I’m learning more from her then she from me.
I love the gospel!!!

Sister Lawrence


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