February 2, 2015 (week 73)


So this week was really great! We are having a lot of success right now! I can’t believe how much the Lord is blessing us here. We have started teaching the family of one of our recent converts. Basically they are all really receptive. One of his sisters isn’t married yet but her and her husband are really excited about everything. We are going to marry and baptize them at the end of Feb. It will be my last weekend in my area. What better way to finish the mission! Helping a family enter into the gospel. Besides this family we have been able to find quite a bit of others as well. This week, actually yesterday, I had an experience that strengthened my testimony a lot. We taught 2 women this week -they are cousins. They moved here recently from São Paulo so they are staying at their aunts house. When we passed by to go to church with them basically everyone in their family that was there started to yell and fight with them about religion and going to church with us. Fabula, one of the women, started to cry and said that she couldn’t go to church because of her family. We are going to try and teach her at a members house to see if it works out. It made me really sad to see that people could be so against something they know nothing about and strengthened my testimony that the church really is true. It only makes sense. I hope that Fabula and her cousin Fernanda have the courage to do what is right despite of what their family will say or do.

Well, I ran out of time but I love you all!!

Sister Lawrence


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