February 23, 2015 (week 76)

hi family!

Only one more week of my mission! Can you believe how fast its gone by??

So this week I think was one of the busiest, most tiring week I’ve had on the mission so far. There is another pair of sisters that live with me but are part of a different branch. Anyways, they have been really sad and discouraged these last few weeks so we did an exchange with them Wed-Fri. It ended up being really good but its always harder without your companion. Also, like I said last week were trying really hard to meet our baptism goal of 40 to have a bbq next monday. We had 5 people marked to be baptized at the start of the week. During the week we found another but by the end we didn’t have anyone. The week turned into a pattern of one day really good one day really bad. I don’t think I’ve ever been more stressed and tired in my life haha.

So Friday we ended up having a really bad day. All of our investigators didn’t pass the interviews because either didn’t want to get baptized or we couldn’t find them. We finished the day desperate and sad but still had hope that things could be saved on Saturday. We ran around like crazy on Saturday.. we weren’t able to help anyone become firm to be baptized but all of them said they would go to church. We ended the day excited about the miracles we would see happen on Sunday. Sunday morning arrived and almost no one went to church only João, Ivanildo and Miriam. João can’t get baptized, Ivanildo was supposed to be baptized but wanted to wait until next week and Miriam is only 9 and we hadn’t taught her anything.

So what happened.. I really really didn’t want to pass another week without baptizing anyone but by the end of church we didn’t have anyone. My companion and I were determined. We asked the elders in our branch to help (Elder Dias is our district leader) and we just went around to all of the people we could thinking that were possible to be baptized yesterday. Nothing was working out but I was trying really hard not to lose faith that we could baptize still. Finally, we went to Miriams house to talk to her parents. I think we passed over an hour talking with them trying to convince them that she needed to be baptized but her mom didn’t want to let her yet. Finally, I just asked her plain out. We are going to have a baptism meeting today at 6, can she be baptized today? She responded with some excuse that they were going to visit someone but if they returned in time she could! I couldn’t believe it… it wasn’t set in stone yet, but at least there was hope. When we left her house we were still short 1 marked baptism.

Desperate to find someone we said a prayer and both felt we should talk to a girl that was sitting in front of her house a few yards away. We taught her the Restauration and she accepted to be baptized! After we went running to the church to wait for Miriam. While we were there we got the call from Damião (her uncle) that they were heading to the church. We couldn’t have been more excited!!! Everyone was dancing around. The best part was that Damião baptized her (he’s a recent convert that was baptized a few weeks ago). To top off everything our zone baptized 43! The miracles haven’t stopped! It really was an incredible week!

The church is true and God answers prayers!

Sister Lawrence


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