February 9, 2015 (week 74)

hello family!

This week we saw a miracle happen. Our mission district baptized 11 people! Right now I’m serving in a district.. we are trying to turn into a stake. As part of this incentive the district president said he would throw a bbq for our zone if we baptized 40 people this month. Last week we baptized 10 and this week we baptized 13.. 23! with still 2 weeks to go! It’s helped me a lot to stay focused haha.

This week went by really fast so fast that I’m having a hard time remembering what exactly happened…

We were teaching a family that needs to get married. We tried 4 times to go to the notary´s office to mark their wedding but everything we tried something came up with the husband where he couldn’t go. We discovered later that he doesn’t want to get married. It made us really sad because the rest of the family was progessing a lot and really gaining a testimony.

On a happier note yesterday a guy showed up to church wanting to be baptized. It was pretty cool.

Love you all!
The church is true and the book is blue! (according to Jessi!)

Sister Lawrence


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